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Welcome to my Lophophora homepage


With undying enthusiasm,I have been a collector of this fascinating genus for more than 40 years.

With some image galleries and descriptions I would like to give all my friends and collectors an understanding of these fascinating plants.

The genus Lophophora grows in a relatively large area in Mexico and Texas. However, you will only find it in small clusters in these areas.

Over the years, it was a matter of course for me to visit all locations that I knew about.
I´m sure that I don´t know all locations of the Lophophora clusters yet. I therefore would be grateful for further information about additional locations.

The wide variety of different Lophophora that evolved over time, which differ from one another even when they are found in close proximity makes these plants to be an interesting and exciting collectors field.

Images of several plants (s.a. habitat gallery) demonstrate the very different and unique vegetative characteristics cropping up in alluvium all the way up to rock formations (crevices) at its native location in Mexico.

Other images (s.a. cultivars gallery) of different cultivated Lophophora species and location types* shall finally corroborate the variety and fascination of the Lophophora genus.

This page is supposed to provide a structured overview of different species and names of the Lophophora genus. The information provided is based on my knowledge and understanding of these plants and does not guarantee that the opinions mentioned on this webpage will necessary agree with that of others.

If my enthusiasm for these plants should become contagious (if it hasn´t already), you will have the opportunity to order a variety of seeds from different species and location types at the end of your excursion through this domain.

Finally, I wish you much pleasure and also a certain amount of curiosity when exploring these fascinating plants in my picture galleries. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

*cultivated plants with knowledge about the exact natural origin – short termed „location types“